Leah is certified in Emotional Freedom Technique, Access bars and created her own method of conscious fighting to heal dyads: Spar Cards

Leah Siegel is a professional musician, writer, actor & healer. Almost five years ago, she intuitively created "Spar Cards, a method of reconciliation” when she found herself at an impasse with her partner of nearly 4 years. He didn’t want to go to therapy, and yet, their ability to have a disagreement without hurting each other, and their inability to have important or hard discussions, was creating real suffering for them both.

The surprising development of Spar Cards, put Leah on her own path to deep healing. On the other side of such healing, she realized the true power and alchemy of her creation: self-awareness, extraordinary healing, & real empowerment. She is certified in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Access Bars and is a Reiki Practitioner. Her mission is to teach people how to heal, how to love & how to die well.

“I am a skeptic – but after just one session I experienced a powerful positive transformation in my world outlook and mood.  Leah is a natural healer with incredible empathy who moves at just the right speed.”

“I am a physician and I’m writing this for all the overachieving, over thinkers out there. You may be honest, introspective, and capable of productive problem solving. Maybe your prior therapist loved you for your articulate self-awareness and even told you that you didn’t need therapy. EFT is different: it does not live in the mind, it lives in the body. Leah is an extraordinarily intuitive and gifted practitioner of this art. She has a magical way of getting the heart of the matter and a keenly intelligent ability to connect and process the needs of her clients. EFT with Leah is a focused, efficient, grounding and rewiring of the mind-body connection. It is life changing.” - Carina

“Leah is one of the most connected and competent intuitive healers I’ve worked with.  Her sessions are deeply empathetic and widely transformational.  In just two sessions I have found access to my own empowerment in a way that I haven’t before experienced.” - Sammy

“I had an incredible experience with Leah. I have terrible anxiety about driving, to the point where I’d avoided it completely for years. My session with Leah helped me confront and release so much of that fear, and I’ve finally been able to tackle driving again.” - Jodi

“In one session with Leah I felt more freedom and breath, more possibility and more myself. After one month together, I felt more confident, old painful wounds didn’t have a hold on me and I greeted opportunities and people with more of myself.” - Daniella

Get started. It’s easier than you realize to let go, heal, reimagine, rewrite & rewire.