Good Fight & EFT Testimonials.

I was introduced to Leah in a traditional Temezcal (Mayan sweat lodge) in central Mexico, and the only thing more transformational than that process… was the Spar Cards/Good Fight session that Leah led my partner and I through 2 days later.

My partner and I were in a very dark place. We were angry, resentful, and sad that our relationship was so filled with conflict. In the session Leah led us through, the cards created a safe container for both of us to say what we didn’t feel comfortable saying, including something I had been stewing over for months.

We went into the session in one state and left in a completely different, vibrant, loving, open, caring one.

It has been weeks now and the effect those cards had on us is still potent and alive. I am truly grateful and recommend that anyone, regardless of the state of their relationship, begin to use the cards in their relationship. They are transformative, opening, easy to use, and actually quite fun.

Thank you Leah.
— Taylor
Hi Leah! I wanted to tell you about my experience using the Spar Cards kit & Good Fight method with my daughter last night. Lucy will be 10 in August...

...This may have been the most focused I’ve seen her. She didn’t fidget, she didn’t look away, she wanted more. And not at all what I expected.
Thank you so much for this. I am so grateful. And as hard as it is to see your child in a state of sadness and not immediately opt to stop it, letting her have that time to express herself is so important. And she was so appreciative.

Lucy woke up this morning and first thing she said was that she wants to do it every Friday night.

This is really huge, Leah. xo
— Candi
I am a skeptic – but after just one EFT session I experienced a powerful positive transformation in my world outlook and mood.  Leah is a natural healer with incredible empathy who moves at just the right speed. I would now recommend EFT to anyone – and I would recommend it emphatically with her as your guide.
— Abram
Working with Leah has been so helpful for me. She compassionately and patiently led me through the EFT process with such grace. Using some wonderful visualization techniques she helped bring me from a place of deep shame and fear into having a safe place to learn more about myself. This work helps to disarm the overwhelming pain of fear and trauma and allows the mind to believe in new possibilities. I am learning to stop running from my fear. EFT helps support facing hard truths and emotions, which then allows them to release. Leah is a wonderful practitioner, not only do I feel better after our sessions but realizations I discover though-out the session stay with me and continue to support me on my path of self-discovery for months. I highly recommend working with her!
— Sasha
Leah is one of the most connected and competent intuitive healers I’ve worked with. Her sessions are deeply empathetic and widely transformational. In just two sessions I have found access to my own empowerment in a way that I haven’t before experienced. Working with her I feel truly supported and authentically cared for. Her ability to intuit under the surface of my own egoic defenses is remarkable and has allowed me to dive deeper into the parts of myself that I have not been able to tap into otherwise. 10/10 would recommend.
— Sammy
I am an EFT practitioner and had been using EFT for several years therapeutically before receiving my training. Working with Leah has been a treasure. When she gives me a session, I feel like I can share anything with her, and she responds with empathy, understanding, and an intuitive approach to healing that I find so rare. I know I am in good hands with Leah. She really grounds the practice and makes me feel safe and seen. She guides the process so beautifully that you just go on the journey, and I almost immediately begin to open and feel. Her insights are so valuable, her sense of humanity and care so organic and easy, and her commitment and focus so apparent. She is a true gift to me, and if you decide to work with her, I’m so excited for you to experience her medicine. Here’s to your growth!
— Vanessa

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