A note to my future clients: Dear Friend, please don’t delay any longer. Like most teachers & healers, I have experienced this extraordinary level of healing for myself. And if I can do it, you can do it. You do not have to live with your childhood trauma, your addiction, your pain. You do not have to live at half mast. I believe it’s more important than ever that we all learn this very important and innate ability, and it is my honor to dedicate my life to this mission, to helping you find your freedom.

EFT Session

90 mins
$150-250 sliding scale

EFT Sessions are conducted from the privacy of your home over your videophone platform. Leah’s EFT practice also borrows from her continuing education and certification in both The Healing Codes and Access Bars.


EFT In Person

90 mins

If you feel more comfortable working in person, there are limited opportunities to do so at Leah’s office. If you are bedridden or too weak to use the phone, please contact Leah to discuss your situation and the cost of travel time to make your in-home care happen.


Spar Cards is the unique method of conscious fighting Leah created for couples. 1 session has extraordinary benefit and is extremely useful alongside your regular couples’ therapy. If you can’t afford regular counseling, this is highly recommended. Consider adding private EFT sessions to have a full family healing.


Healing Coach

On demand


A personal protocol for your healing and transformation will be developed and you will work regularly with EFT and Spar Cards when applicable. You will have full access to Leah, her methods, and her guidance. Opportunity for Trades are possible.


Cancellation Policy: You will be charged in full if you cancel within 24 hours of your session.