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Emotional Freedom Technique


Emotional Freedom Technique, otherwise known as “Tapping”, is a self-healing tool which allows us to rapidly process our stuck & stagnant emotions giving us deep relief and emotional distance from even our most ancient traumas and triggers.

The Truth About Stress, Sickness & Success

What’s holding you back? What’s keeping your relationship from growing towards better communication and deeper intimacy? What’s keeping you from expressing your authentic nature? What’s making you sick?…

Fear. Of what? Anything.

Physically: Fear creates stress in the body, allowing cortisol to run amok, keeping the body in a state of “Fright or Flight”, effecting everything from digestion to adrenal glands to you name it. When the body is in “stress” (read Fear), it CANNOT heal. How do you know you’re stressed? You are reactive rather than responsive, snappy rather than zippy, unable to feel gentle or calm towards your loved ones or perhaps even to anyone.

If you are experiencing physical illness, the absolute best way to heal is to let your immune system do what it’s designed to do. How? Drain the stress (read Fear) from your body by tending to your true fears rather than avoiding them hoping you can fake it til you make it. You become aware of them and acknowledge them properly, dousing the fires of fear, despair, sadness, shame, anger & resentment. Emotional Freedom IS the path to Physical wellness.

Emotionally: Things are no different here. What your emotional body experiences will eventually be expressed in your physical body in some way. This is why it’s of the utmost importance that our minds are peaceful, loving and clear. This is not God-Talk, this is how we create our physical reality. What we think BECOMES what we feel which BECOMES what we create. I believe humans are incentivized to create from a peaceful & loving & abundant place. But we will still unknowingly keep creating from fear, competition & scarcity as long as our traumas and triggers go unhealed.