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Creator of Good Fight with Spar Cards

EFT Practitioner

Musician. Singer. Songwriter. Communication Enthusiast.

Photo credit: Dave Hodge @davehodgephoto

Photo credit: Dave Hodge @davehodgephoto


Singer | Writer | Performer | Creator | Healer

MUSIC: Leah Siegel is a Brooklyn-based Singer-Songwriter known as “The Cleaner,” for being able to sing nearly anything.  Her voice is at once unique, ethereal, powerful and soulful. Prince, Sting, Lenny Kravitz and thousand others have gushed praise for her performances with her 4 bands; Leisure Cruise with producer Dave Hodge (Broken Social Scene, Bran Van 3000...), Firehorse (Leah’s indie darling solo project), the new york institution that is The Brooklyn Boogaloo Blowout, and The Citizens’ Band (political activist cabaret created by Sarah Sophie Flicker & Karen Elson).

Siegel is also an avid activist with Narrative 4, The Women’s March, and was a mentor for EAR (Art Start).  She wrote and gifted the eternal track “If You Don’t Want To Be Alone (I Will Never Leave You)” to The Topsy Foundation which distributes medication that reverses the symptoms of full blown AIDS within 90 days. The PSA went viral in South Africa and her presence/performances are often requested by international human rights conferences.

Currently Leah is writing a record of lullabies for adults to be released under her Firehorse moniker.  

GOOD FIGHT with SPAR CARDS: Leah created Good Fight with Spar Cards for herself in the spring of 2015

EFT & Reiki Practioner: